Risk Alert

Risk Alert
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Forex-life.com is a website in the State of Kuwait, which is exclusively for sharing information and consulting for trading and not for financial services.

This notice is given to you as a warning and disclaimer. Each investment product and service has its own risk. This notice cannot and does not disclose or explain all the risks and other important aspects of these products or how these risks relate to your personal circumstances. This notice is designed solely to clarify in general the nature of the trading risks and the site is not responsible for your options and transactions and cannot in any way guarantee you any compensation for loss.

Before taking our consultation and studies, you should carefully consider whether it is appropriate for you in the light of your needs, circumstances and financial situation. It is important that you fully understand the risks involved before deciding to enter into a CFD deal / contract with us or buy or sell and if you suspect any risks related to your ability, you should seek professional advice.

Risk Warning

The site provides investment advice related to potential services or transactions in securities and investment recommendations without any guarantee of profit and without compensation for loss. Any consequences of any transaction and any loss resulting from it are the sole responsibility of you.

We sometimes provide factual information or market research recommendations, information about transaction procedures, information about the potential risks involved and how to minimize these risks. However, any decision to use our investment products or services is made at your own discretion and without our intervention and therefore you are responsible.

The site does not guarantee any money invested in any securities based on any information provided by our site. You hereby acknowledge and accept without reservation that, regardless of any information the Site may provide, the value of securities offered by the Site may fluctuate down or down and the investment is likely to be worthless.

You acknowledge that you are at a high risk of incurring losses and damages as a result of the purchase and / or sale of any security because such transactions made through trading services may be speculative in nature. Significant losses may occur in a short period of time, equivalent to your total funds deposited. You should not enter into a deal unless you are willing to take the risk of losing all the money you have invested in full.

If you take our recommendations and consult us to trade in a market other than the base currency of your country of residence, any fluctuations in currency exchange rates will affect the value, price and performance of the security you have traded (and thus will affect your profits and losses).

Specific Risk Warning – Stocks

Actual stocks accepted for trading in a regulated market are not considered high risk financial instruments. However, we do not guarantee that you will be free from loss and in the event of loss after you use our guidelines and recommendations, you are solely responsible for them without any legal or judicial consequences of the site.

Other additional obligations

Before you start using our site or our official applications, you should be aware that our site is not responsible for any decision you make and result in loss even if it is based on information taken from our site and recommendations from us, nor does it assume the responsibility of any site that claims to belong to us or provide studies and recommendations Consulting on our behalf, even if you rely on the content of our site to make decisions, you are solely responsible for your decisions and you alone bear the consequences, whether loss or profit.


Forex-life.com and its official legal, ethical and psychological applications will be released as a result of your losses. Employees for claims for compensation or any damage caused to them for whatever reasons.

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In case of translation of this agreement and in case of confusion refer to the Arabic language page where Arabic is the official language of the site.


The judiciary in the State of Kuwait shall be competent to arbitrate and hear any dispute.

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