Things to Know About ChainLink Cryptocurrency

Things to Know About ChainLink Cryptocurrency



The platform for ChainLink cryptocurrency was developed

to establish a relationship

between external data and smart contracts by using

Ethereum Blockchain.

The project was initiated for the purpose of popularizing

and increasing the

use of smart contracts along with reducing the risk of

errors and inaccuracies

while informing about it.

The purpose of creating this crypto and its features

are briefly discussed

in this write-up.


Working of ChainLink


The system of ChainLink cryptocurrency is based

on its network and its token, Link.

The developers of this crypto wanted to increase

the chances to use smart contracts

in their business by developing platforms like

API etc.

The decentralized network of ChainLink includes

nodes to sell and distribute data.


The network of ChainLink can be divided into

two parts – Blockchain and off-chain.

In order to provide normal services to its users

both of these parts interact with each other.

According to the smart contracts the Blockchain

part of this platform filters oracles and the

oracle nodes linked with the network of Ethereum

contained in its off-chain part will collect

data from external sources independently.

For instance, a node that belongs to a stock exchange

can provide real-time information about

trading status to ChainLink which in turn will include

it into a single system of oracles of larger

size to increase the accuracy of the data.


Today the network provided by ChainLink is

compatible with various Blockchain platforms

including Ethereum, Hyperledger and Bitcoin

which can increase in the future.

The developers of ChainLink cryptocurrency are

also planning to use several

Blockchain platforms to launch a single contract.


Feature of ChainLink


The reliability of the data provided by oracles

can be suspicious as they are provided by the services

controlled by centralised organisations which

do not follow the rules of consensus mechanism

of Blockchain.

This problem has been solved by the developers

of ChainLink cryptocurrency by using the

smart contracts to create a decentralized network

of oracles to interact with

external sources safely and reliably.


It will allow the owner of an API data channel

to convey information to the network

of ChainLink and get reward in its LINK tokens.

It will prevent the reception of incorrect information

about the price of the stock to the


Pros and cons of ChainLink cryptocurrency




  • Though the system of ChainLink works on

smart contracts and the system

of Blockchain technology, it is still a decentralized network.

  • Reliability and authenticity of the information from external


  • To ensure the reliability and safety of the operations





  • The problems of only a small segment are solved by

ChainLink Blockchain cryptocurrency.

  • It can obstruct the expansion of this project in the future.
  • It will be impossible to refund the funds once transferred,

in case a transaction has been made by mistake

  • The chances of malfunctioning of the system can increase

with the increase in the number of financial transactions.



The increasing price of LINK, cryptocurrency of ChainLink,

has proved that the Blockchain

system of this platform has lots of potentials to provide a

safe and fast platform for financial

transactions by using the system of oracles and smart contracts.


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