Things You Should Know About Digix Gold Token

Things You Should Know About Digix Gold Token


Are you planning to enter the cryptocurrency community? Well, then Digix Gold Token is one of the best options to start with. There are many people who are making decent money with Digix Gold Token and due to this everyone thinks that they can do it too, but it’s not that simple. To be successful in this field, the first thing that you should do is learn all the important things regarding it. So if you are eager to learn more, then keep reading this article.


What is Digix Gold Token?


DGX is a gold backed digital token that is introduced by Singapore based blockchain developing company known as DGX. Everyone knows gold is one of those commodities that is very difficult to use in daily life but thanks to DGX, it has made gold easily accessible to everyone in a highly secured digital form. DGX has made the gold democratized and relevant to the digital world and one DGX token equals to 1 gram of gold.


There are two things that have made this idea of asset backed token possible. The first one is the ethereum that protects the DGX token holder by providing a highly secured worldwide ledger. Along with this, it also provides an exchange platform. The second one is the extremely transparent process created by DGX itself, which ensures that the DGX token will only be created, once all the required documentation and the gold has been added in the volt.


Origin Of Digix Gold Token


Digix Gold Token was created in December 2014. As you already know, it was launched by a Singapore based company. The main motive to create Its to promote the tokenization of gold (physical assets). This project provides the infrastructure that helps in producing highly secured tokens backed by physical assets on the network of blockchain.


Reasons Of Growing Population Of Digix Gold Token


Since the time Its was released, it has always been in the headlines. Its launch completely changed the cryptocurrency community because it made it possible to trade the gold very easilly. Here are some more advantages of Its :


  • Reliable Team- One of the best things about Digix Gold Token is that they have a dedicated skilled team. They do everything and put all the effort to provide you the best service. Most of the members have been working together from the very early stages of the company, making DGX more reliable


  • Highly Secured- Another great thing about the DGX is that it is highly secured and it is impossible to hack it. There are also chances that in future, more assets will also be added to provide backing to the tokens


Is Digix Gold Token Annonymous?


No Its not anonymous. Digix Gold Token runs on a blockchain system and it is possible to trace all the system that runs on blockchain. However, you don’t have to worry about your privacy as DGX takes care of everything.



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