who are we ?

First of all, When mentioning Forex Life, the website is https://www.forex-life.com/

Forex Life is a website licensed by the Kuwaiti authorities and is managed by the State of Kuwait.Therefore, Forex Life was founded by YOUSEF J A ALMEER and is now the owner and general manager of the site.

Forex Life sets high standards for its services because quality is the most important to us just as crucial to our clients. Our mission is to keep pace with the requirements of the global market and achieve the investment objectives of our customers with an open mind.Also, We  aim to leverage our extensive experience to help reach our clients’ investment goals by doing so by supporting our clients in more than 30 languages, and by allocating the necessary expertise and resources to help everyone set their investment goals, which can only be done for large brokers.

Our platform through Google Play trustworthy recommendations adopt a strict policy to execute orders provided that the user is available at the same time on the platform at the same time late entry may cause you losses of the status is successful with others see the Risk Policy page.

Practical experience in trading

YOUSEF J A ALMEER is a daily technical analyst and speculator since 2014 in international markets and almost has used the School of Classic Technical Analysis (Classical Technical Models) while combining this with price action strategies as a result.

As is well known in the financial management of investment portfolios and the correct way to use the sizes of contracts and deals appropriate to the capital used as I use a special strategy and a recommendation in several applications.

You can view the real trades through the FREE FOREX SIGNALS app in the various mobile application stores.

Staff :

(Founder and General Manager)


(Information Technology and Applications)

  1. Khalaf Ali Khalaf (Head of Department)
  2. Mohammed Al Harbi (Programmer + Designer)
  3. Bader Al Shammari (Server Administration and Protection)

(Head of Editing & Public Relations)

  1. William Joseph
  2. Saad Al Houti
  3. Bakri Mohammadi
  4. Yousef Jassim Almeer

(Archive Section)

  1. Teem

(Social Media Section)

  1.  Bader Nasser
  2.  Khaled Badri

For any questions  or suggestions :appfreeforexsignals@gmail.com


Contact Us

WhatsApp technical support: https://wa.me/96555296199