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Forex-life.com Terms and Conditions

Forex-life.com Terms and Conditions are constantly changing, so be sure to keep visiting this page to stay informed of changes, by accessing and using our site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions described on this page.

All terms and conditions set out on this page do not contravene any of the laws in force in the State of Kuwait or the laws of violation of privacy, intellectual property and co-ownership that are in force internationally. You can learn more about this by visiting our Privacy Policy page.

Terms you must abide by:

(1) Introduction:

Welcome to Forex-life.com, the following are the terms and conditions for your use and access to the website pages:

By accessing and using Forex-life.com, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which include all the details below, and confirm your obligation to respond to the contents of this Forex-life.com Agreement, hereinafter referred to as “us”, also referred to as “the Site”. “, In the other Terms and Conditions and this Agreement shall be effective upon your access to the Site.

(2) Membership:

1. Our site does not provide a membership system but if we decide to add it in the future, no one has the right to use the site if it is canceled from the management of Forex-life.com.

Visiting our site is for the purpose of learning / getting trading tips and signals only and not other structure or purpose.

3. In the event that we adopt the membership system on the site in the future, no one is entitled to hold our site responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the use of our site or any other site.

(3) Accounts and Registration Obligations:

Our site does not currently offer a membership system or any other means of registering for the site, but if we do so in the future, you may be required to disclose specific information and choose a user name and password to use when accessing the site. When you activate your account you will be considered a member of the site and you have agreed to:

1. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password. You agree to notify Forex-life.com immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of your confidential information.

2. Forex-life.com shall in no way be liable for any loss that may be incurred directly or indirectly to you morally or financially as a result of the disclosure of your username or password information.

By registering to our site, you are solely responsible for any direct or indirect losses that may be caused to Forex-life.com as a result of any unlawful or authorized use of your account by you or any other person who has obtained the keys to access your account on the site whether or not authorized by you Authorization.
You agree to provide true, correct, updated and complete information about yourself as required by the Forex-life.com registration form.
Do not include in your username any of your contact details such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers or any personal details, or any word indicating the name of our site.
Forex-life.com is committed to treating your personal information and contact details in confidence.

You will be obliged to keep and keep your registration data up-to-date to keep them true, correct, current and complete. If you disclose false, incorrect, current, incomplete or inconsistent information in the Terms and Conditions, Forex-life.com has the right to discontinue Or limit or cancel your membership and account on the Site, without prejudice to the rights of Forex-life.com and other legitimate means to recover its rights.

8. Forex-life.com has the sole discretion, at any time, to conduct any investigations it deems necessary (directly or through a third party) and ask you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity and / or ownership of your financial instruments.

9. If you do not comply with any of the above, Forex-life.com has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and to block you from the Site. We also reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed and unverified accounts, operations or accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

(4) Amendment to the Terms and Conditions:

You know and agree that Forex-life.com will make any amendment to the Terms and Conditions Agreement, under which your obligations will be doubled or your rights diminished according to any amendments to the Terms and Conditions Agreement without the need to inform you.

2. You agree that Forex-life.com may, at its sole discretion and without legal liability, make fundamental or subsidiary amendments to this Agreement without requiring additional consent from you, at any time and with immediate effect, without obligation to inform you. Modifications via refer to this page.

You agree that Forex-life.com is a technical website that allows users to trade and learn under their own responsibility.
Membership on the site is free.

You may be charged additional fees or amounts and the site is obliged to tell you before depositing.

6. The site has the right to make adjustments as it deems appropriate to anything and any amendment will be announced by emailing you on the website,

(5) Discretion in your data

Agree to Forex-life.com

The right to permanently and irrevocably dispose of your information as specified on this page and on the Privacy Policy page by registering, using the contact form or via any e-mail or any of the communication channels available on the Site. In order to operate and promote the site in accordance with the disclaimer and privacy statement.

3. You are solely responsible for the information you have submitted or posted and Forex-life.com’s role is to allow you to display this information on the pages of the site and through its advertising channels.

(6) Copyright:

1. All content contained in the Site, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, button icons, icons, sound clips, digital loads, data collected and software, is the property and rights reserved either by Forex-life.com or the responsible party. Designed by Forex-life.com, the authors of this content and the Commissioners are protected within the copyright, trademarks, intellectual property rights and creative laws.

(7) Trademarks:

1. The companies and trademarks that Forex-life.com deals with are protected by the rights and laws of ownership of other international and intellectual trademarks.

8. Risks:

Our site does not guarantee in any way any damage or loss to you due to the use of trading signals we use or advice we provide or any form of information that may be the cause of any loss, whether material or moral, and the site is not committed to be any of the articles or The topics published on our site are of value or added value that will help you increase your profits.

(9) Confidentiality of data:

1. Forex-life.com takes standards (tangible, organizational, and technological) to protect against and save unauthorized access to your email or name. Knowing that the Internet is not a secure means, the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed.

2. Our website has no control over the actions of any third party, such as other web pages linked to this site, or third parties that claim to represent you and represent others. As an example, not exclusively (social media)

3.You know and agree that Forex-life.com may use your information to provide you with services to Forex-life.com and to send you marketing messages. The privacy statement on this site governs the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personally identifiable information.

(10) Denunciation of the Terms and Conditions Agreement:

According to the Terms and Conditions Agreement and by law, Forex-life.com may temporarily or permanently suspend or cancel your access to the Site without prejudice to its other rights and legitimate means of recovering your rights if:

If you violate the terms and conditions agreement.

2. If Forex-life.com cannot make sure that you do not cause any damage to the Site.

3. If Forex-life.com determines that your activities may cause you or other users and Forex-life.com to have legal problems.

4. Your or others’ breach of this Agreement does not oblige Forex-life.com to waive its right to take appropriate action for such and other similar acts of violation. Forex-life.com does not guarantee that it will take action against all violations of the Terms and Conditions Agreement.

(12) Illegal contents:

1. As a registered member of the site, you may post comments on the site in accordance with applicable laws, and you are not allowed to advertise your phone numbers or e-mail through any part of the site, and this violates the terms and conditions.

(13) Retro Nutrition:

Our site encourages all members of the site to provide suggestions or feedback (feed back), and may be displayed on the site anywhere determined by the management of the site.

(14) Cancellation of Access and / or Membership:

Without prejudice to its other rights and legitimate means to recover its rights, Forex-life.com may suspend or cancel your membership and / or access to the Site at any time, without notice and for any reason, without limitation, and may also revoke this Terms and Conditions Agreement.

(16) Limitation of Responsibilities:

As permitted by law, our Site and its employees, directors, agents, affiliates and processors shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or failure arising from your use of the Site and its official applications. If you are not satisfied with the Site or any of its contents, the solution is to no longer use it. Furthermore, you agree that any unauthorized use of the Site and its Services, due to your negligence, will cause damage to Forex-life.com, and the Site will have to resort to Terms and Conditions.

(17) Safety:

You agree to your security using Forex-life.com

While maintaining the security of its directors, employees, agents and processors and protecting them from any damage that may be caused to them by claims, losses, breakdowns, costs and expenses, they occur due to your violation of the Terms and Conditions Agreement or your breach of any law, amendments or infringement of the rights of third parties.

(18) Relationship and Notices

None of the terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions Agreement include a reference to a partnership between you and Forex-life.com. You have no authority to bind Forex-life.com in any way, and any notices you wish to send to Forex-life.com must be sent by e-mail and Forex-life.com will respond to the email. You know and agree that any notices sent to you by Forex-life.com will be posted on the Site or by e-mail provided by us.

(19) Transfer of Rights and Obligations

You hereby grant Forex-life.com the right to transfer part or all of its rights, benefits, obligations and liabilities to third parties, without reference to you, in accordance with the terms of the Terms and Conditions Agreement, and Forex-life.com is not obliged to notify you of such transfers if I got as well as posting on the site.

(20) General Information:

If any clause in this Terms and Conditions Agreement is invalid or canceled or for any reason no longer in force, such clause does not invalidate the remaining clauses of the agreement.

This Agreement (as amended from time to time) sets out all the terms of understanding and agreement between you and Forex-life.com, taking into account the following:

No person who is not a party to this Convention shall have the right to impose any terms or conditions therein.

If the Terms and Conditions Agreement is translated into any other language, whether on the Site or in other ways, the Arabic text shall prevail.

(21) Official Applications:

Forex-life.com These Terms apply to all official applications of the site

(22) Governing Law and Legislation:

This Terms and Conditions Agreement is governed and drafted in accordance with the law of the State of Kuwait and is fully and fully governed by the legislation in force in the courts of Kuwait.This clause provides an alternative to be used in the event that this Terms and Conditions Agreement expires or is terminated for any reason.

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