Currency Strength Plus

Currency Strength Plus

Currency Strength Plus is an institutional quality yet user friendly FX signal application
which gives you the most up-to-date strength/weakness of all major currencies
(not pairs) over 3 timeframes.

Features include:

  • Cutting Edge Relative Strength Analysis System
  • Momentum Detection Feature
  • Monitor all major Currencies over 3 timeframes
  • See the whole market in 1 Glance
  • Easy to read dashboard interface Currencies are different.

Currency pairs represent the value of one currency in relation to another.
A change in the currency rate reflects a change in value of either or both of the

underlying currencies.

As forex traders, knowing the relative value of each individual currency is vital in

deciding the most suitable pairs to trade.

Currency Strength Plus compares the strength of all the major currencies and

lists them in accordance to their strength/weakness.

No longer will you need to scan through all the charts to check on how each currency

is doing against the other currencies.

Besides telling you which are the best pairs to trade,

when used in tandem with traditional technical analysis,

it greatly increases your edge against other currency traders who solely rely on technical

analysis tools which were initially designed for single entity instruments in mind!

In short, Currency Strength Plus is the ideal tool for retail traders who do not have the time

to actively analyze the market.

Currency Strength Plus


Currency Strength Plus

Currency Strength Plus


Currency Strength Plus

ICON Currency Strength Plus X APP

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