Forex charts – Coming to Terms with the Terminologies

Forex charts  – Coming to Terms with the Terminologies


Forex charts the short form of The Foreign Exchange Market is one of the largest Financial markets in the world with a daily turnover of more than $5 trillion.

This market like other financial markets is full of uncertainties.

Something which might look profitable at one instance might cause major losses at the other.

While the world of foreign exchange is, in fact, a real market where you can earn enormous profits,

you have to be extremely careful in making your moves to avoid losses.

Often if you are new to forex trade,

you might fall in the temptation of taking aggressive trading decisions without knowing much about the Forex Market and

terms and facts that really matter. In this piece,

we will cover a brief idea and information on driving factors of this dynamic market and why knowing Forex terms is

important for taking some easy Forex charts decisions.

Let’s start with understanding the working of the Forex Market.

How does Forex work?

Forex charts, unlike other financial markets, is open all the time,

24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The forex market is open for the traders and the banks for interbank transactions.

So how does the trading work?

In Forex, the traders trade through online Over-the-Counter channels that let them speculate on the price of the currencies.

These currencies are formed in pairs which are a combination of the Base and the Quote Currency.

The price of the pair is determined by the value of the base currency against the quote currency.

So stronger the base currency higher the price of the pair.

Did those terms ring any bells? That was in fact just the basic.

Well, that is why it is important that you know about these Forex terms before venturing into the world of Forex trade.

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Now let’s look at some of the factors that Impact and mobilize the market.

Factors Impacting Forex

The Forex comprises of currencies from almost every country. So the factors that move this market are diverse.

The primary factor being the forces of demand and supply in the economies and the subsequent factors follow:

  •  Monetary Policies; Governments and Central Banks control the currency prices by absorbing or increasing the money flow in the market.
  •  News Reports; Positive reports of investment in any region are treated as an important piece of forex  ews that drives and mobilises the market.
  • Market Indicators; Traders have to keep a close eye on forex charts and currency strength meter to be aware of all the changing market trends and influencing factors.
  • Economic Performance; This is a determinant of how the economy of a country is performing and what is its current currency standing against others.

The factors listed above are the major factors impacting the forex market. However,


if you do not understand the basic terms of the trade,

you will rather miss out on the tricks of the trade too.

For a comprehensive list of forex terms visit:


As such while Forex Market trade is the trade of choice for finance trading enthusiasts,

one must make sure they are well versed with all the forex terms and indicators so that

they can make those important trading decisions.

For though profits and losses are two faces of the same coin,

being well informed avoids that frustration incurring losses that could be avoided.

So, Stay Informed, trade better and make the most out of this amazing marketplace.



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