How to Avoid Losing Money in Forex Trading?

How to Avoid Losing Money in Forex Trading?


The forex market is the largest

financial market

of the world as its average


of daily trading is over $5


The increasing popularity

of forex trading is

attracting everyone from

the new

traders to experienced

professional traders.

The main reasons for the

increasing popularity

of forex trading may


its 24×7 sessions,

ease of trading,

comparatively lower

costs and access to a

considerable amount

of leverage.

But it also increases the

risk of losing money

if currency trading is not

done carefully.


Such losses can be avoided

by taking some

careful steps like:


  • Understanding forex signals
  • Choosing reputed forex brokers
  • Practicing forex trading demo accounts


Do some Homework


You cannot avoid the dangers

associated with

forex trading if it is easy to get

into it.

Forex traders should learn how

to be successful

in the forex market.

Most of the forex traders learn

from their own

experience while trading live.

They will have to understand

the effect of

forex trading on economic

and political factors

on the pair of currency they

are trading.

By doing some homework

they can easily

understand the information

provided by

forex signals about the


conditions of the forex market

as well as the

regulations governing the

forex trade worldwide.

The process of this research

can include

systematic evaluation and

screening of

investments, developing

trading plans,

formulating investment

objective for short

as well as long term and

finding out how

much risk you can take.


Finding reputed forex brokers


Though the chances of committing


are very low in forex industry still

you should

not compromise with the reputation

of your forex broker.

Your broker should be registered

with the

CFTC or Commodity

Futures Trading Commission of

the US

as a commission merchant in

futures and member of NFA

or National

Futures Association.

It will ensure the safety of

deposits in the

forex market as well as your

forex account which should

not be opened

with a broking

firm if you are not sure

about their integrity.

The genuine brokers should

also be registered

with the regulatory

body of the countries outside

the U.S. you

should also research about the


offered by each broker

including commissions and


leverage amounts,

withdrawal policies

and account funding along

with initial deposits and


services provided by them.


Use a Practice Account


Novice forex traders should

also open

a practice forex trading demo

account with some forex trading


to reduce the chances of

losing money.

The traders can place imaginary


without funding their demo


The main benefit of practicing

on demo

accounts is that a trader can

be familiar with the entry

and exit

techniques of the forex market.

But while practicing on demo

account it can

be dangerous for the

trader if a button is wrongly

pushed by him

while exiting or opening

a trade.

It is one of the most common


committed by novice traders

as he can lose his money by

pressing the

wrong button while closing

the trade accidently.

You can lose unprotected

trades if such

errors are made multiple times.

Thus, by keeping in mind

the tips provided

in this write-up one can

avoid losing money in

forex trading.


How to Avoid Losing Money in Forex Trading


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