Things to Know About Clipper Coin Cryptocurrency

Things to Know About Clipper Coin Cryptocurrency


CCCX tokens have been launched as cryptocurrency by the platform of Clipper Coin as part of its

dedicated ecosystem to provide project ratings and financial services to the investors and players

in the crypto market on the basis of the established modern technologies and methodologies.


What Is Clipper Coin?


In 2018, Clipper Coin was launched as a platform to provide complete solutions for the problems faced by

the users of cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, this platform has started a number of financial institutions like ClipperX Capital, ClipperX

Investment Bank and ClipperX Rating.

services according to the needs of the markets dealing in cryptocurrencies.


The information provided in this write-up will help you to know the developers

and their aims for introducing Clipper Coin cryptocurrency.


People behind the project of Clipper Coin


The project of Clipper Con Capital Bank was initiated by Zhen Liu, a banker and hedge fund manager of this project.

His vision for this project was inspired by IBS and Bank of America for which Liu worked.

Clipper Coin became one of the prominent companies in the market of cryptocurrencies


Other people behind this project included Mika Jiang, its Chief Compliance Officer and Shang Guo,

its Chief Technological Officer along with a team of professionals dealing in different fields

including Fintech, Blockchain,

systematic integration and marketing etc.

Most of the professionals in this team have experience of working with the IBM Watson Research

Centre, capital markets of China and Wall Street.


Aim behind launching Clipper Coin Cryptocurrency


The platform of Clipper Coin was introduced by combining scientific technology and

methodology to achieve certain aims like:


Reduce asymmetry in international crypto markets:

The overflow of a large amount of information is creating problems for progressive market of cryptocurrencies.

Many people have started manipulative and poorly prepared projects on the basis of this data to take

out money from the prospective investors.

the right decision while investing in the crypto market and protect the crypto

market from the projects overshadowing it.


Provide financial assistance:

Another aim of launching Clipper Coin was to provide financial assistance to the people investing

in the highly volatile crypto market. The high volatility in the crypto market makes it hard for the

investors to predict the movement of prices and market trends correctly while investing in this


financial help after making market research and analyzing the data effectively.



Provide genuine banking services:

To regulate the sale of various types of cryptocurrencies introduced by various start-ups as well

as to maintain the growth of crypto market ITS has decided to provide genuine

services in the field of investment banking.


For these reasons, the developers of Clipper Coin have started ITS Capital Bank

as a dedicated investment bank and CCCX tokens as their cryptocurrency to help crypto

projects as well as the investors in cryptocurrencies.



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