Things To Know About NEO A Cryptocurrency

Things To Know About NEO A Cryptocurrency



NEO is a cryptocurrency and a platform of Blockchain technology designed to use smart

contracts to create digital assets with an aim to bring this platform close to people.

It is supported by languages commonly used for programming like C++ and JavaScript etc.

and its risk for hacking has been reduced by improving its technology.

The main aim of NEO is to become the best Blockchain platform of 2020.


Development of NEO


Da Hongfei launched Antshares in 2017 which was later on renamed as NEO.

The development team of NEO includes active domestic developers as well as outsourced

developers to develop a strong Blockchain platform as well as decentralized

applications or DApps.


The technology used in NEO


The unique Blockchain system of NEO supports the identification, decentralization,

and digitalization of various types of commercial assets.


It includes the technology of Blockchain to create physical assets with a digital identity

like shares of a company

or digital money to be exchanged between peers on the network of NEO.


The main aim of NEO is to develop a platform which can be used to build other

decentralized applications and

allowing the users to use their Blockchain to implement smart contracts as well as

increasing the expansion

of the technology of Blockchain.


An automatically implementable contract in which terms are directly written in codes

is known as a smart contract.

This contract can make the platform trustworthy and binding so that a third party

can be relied upon.

To write smart contracts of NEO commonly used languages like JavaScript,

Python and C++ will be used

to make it easily reachable for people.


its uses dBFT or Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance technology of consensus

mechanism instead of conventional

technology of proof-of-work to eliminate the possibility of a split in the chain

and lower the cost of electricity usage.

It will help its in achieving its target of physical digitalization of monetary



Advantages of NEO


Digital Identity:


Its will allow individuals and business entities to create an electronic identity

so that they can be accessed

through various methods of identification like fingerprints, voice recognition,

facial recognition, and SMS.


Digital Assets:


Use smart contracts to convert traditional assets into decentralized

digital assets.




The development of decentralized applications or DApps will be backed by

its by consistent development

of techniques and tools more mature by nature.


Smart Contracts:


commonly used programming languages so that they can use it

without learning

a new programming language.


How to buy NEO?


Though you cannot buy its a platform that can be used for different

purposes but you can

buy the cryptocurrency, its coins, by using other cryptocurrencies

like LTC, ETH or BTC.

More than 40 global exchanges have listed itsfor trading it with other

cryptos as well as sometimes

with some of the fiat currencies like Indian rupee and euro etc.


Where to store NEO?


You can store cryptocurrency NEO in a its wallet specially designed for

devices running

on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems.


In this way,its one of the safest cryptocurrencies for users.



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