Things To Know About Stellar

Things To Know About Stellar


Stellar, which was initially forked from Ripple, is a payment network.

Though it came into existence after splitting from Ripple but after the introduction of the

protocol of Stellar Consensus it gained popularity as a unique payment network


Problems solved by Stellar

Banks and other financial institutions used to charge transaction fees higher than the

exchange rates when some money was traditionally transferred across

international borders.

Along with higher transaction fees it used to take several days to complete such


Both of these problems were solved by Stellar by making money transfers across

the world easier and faster at a very reasonable cost.


How stellar solved the transaction problems?

Being similar to Ripple, stellar was designed to make the process of payment

between its users, whether they are individuals or major financial

institutions, easier.

For this purpose, its used anchors as mediators between the ledger of the

Stellar and the traditional money like USD.

The traditional financial institutions used banks as well as PayPal as their anchors

for transferring money across borders but its used Stronghold, Remitr, and Tempo

as anchors for this purpose.

In this way, its has simplified the process of sending money across borders

all over the world by using anchors.

Each of the anchors used by its for transferring money can make the process

faster and easier by interacting with each other instead of interacting through

the network of Stellar.

The money deposited in your online account with the anchor of the Stellar is

credited to your account which you can use to receive or send payments across

the world to the users of the same network.

The credit in your account will be converted by Stellar into the currency of your

choice at the best exchange rates.


How to buy stellar?

You cannot buy its a payment platform. To make the transactions

easier and more affordable Stellar has introduced its own cryptocurrency,

its Lumens.

You can buy Lumens or XLM from various popular exchanges and markets

dealing in cryptocurrencies.


Introduction with Stellar Lumen

its Lumen is the indigenous asset of the network of its like USD belongs

to the economy of America.

In 2014, the native asset of Stellar was initially known as Stellars, before launching

the protocol of its consensus.

on in 2015, the name of its was changed to Lumens.

The fee of every transaction made on the network of its was as

low as 0.00001 lumens.

The approximate value of one lumen can be equal to $0.40. In this way,

the transaction cost became very inexpensive as it

costs nearly $0.000004.


How to store Stellar Lumens?

Lobstr is considered as the only wallet to store its Lumens.

The users of Android or iOS devices can use Lobstr to store their Lumens.

Ledger Nano S is a hardware option in which its Lumens can be stored


Who can use Stellar Lumens?

its Lumens are liked by almost all the online as well as traditional

financial institutions including banks and financial companies etc.

as it can help in making the transactions in different currencies

inexpensive, easier and faster.

In this way, its a payment network that helps people in transferring

their cryptocurrency across the world fast and inexpensively.



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